The beauty of CGI…

This Chanel lipstick was taken from a previous project.

The beauty of CGI is once you have a model made, you can then use that in any other scene you need. This lipstick was from a previous project, multiplied four times, colours changed on three of the nibs, changed the lighting and I reframed the camera.

This is one huge advantage to CGI, the ‘set’ is never taken down. It exists forever (well, for as long as you are good at backing your stuff up…) I can revisited this scene next week, next month or next year. Move the camera to the left a bit, up a bit or have it fly 360 around the products to make a short video. 

I have used Mac’s since 1998 when I first went to college to learn photography. For the first time in my life I am considering buying a PC spec’d up for 3D rendering. I love my iMac, but its graphics cards are not compatible and the CPU does a slow job. The PC is king in the 3D world.