My two light bulb moments.

Hand print from my darkroom. Mountains and a frozen Lake Minnewanka.

The 90s was a good decade…

So the big day came and went as I entered my 40th year on this earth.

Ive got here having two ‘light bulb’ moments in my life. 

The first was musical and when I was 14. I liked The Doors via my brother, my dad had a ‘lady in red’ CD.

I dipped in and out of all the other random 80’s and early 90’s music but hadn’t really heard anything that made me connect on that special level.

Then I heard it. The first chords of Oasis’ song Rock n’ Roll Star. Song 1 of their first album Definitely Maybe. 

‘fuck me, whats this? What. is. this!’ 

…and I belonged. I had for the first time a ‘clan’. So I grew my Liam Gallagher hair cut and embraced absolutely the 90’s Indie movement. I loved the 90’s. 

Then in 1997 I had my second. I was always below average at school, too busy playing football.

Then I went to art school because I didn’t really know what else to do and I had a vague interested in it. I was rubbish at most of it and basically failed the first year.

However, just at the very end of year 1, we had a 2 week photography and darkroom course.

‘Fuck me’…

I got it. I was good at it and I enjoyed every second of it. It just seemed so natural to me, I never had to be told anything twice. Learning about the darkroom came first and then taking pictures followed by default, as otherwise I would have had nothing to do in the darkroom. 

Academically I excelled, so the year after I re-started college in a BTEC in photography, then a BA Honours at uni followed. Then a career.

All from that split second ‘fuck me’ moment. 

From little sparks comes great fires.