Adding a new skill set…

Using Blender 3D.

A very basic CGI rendered background. Watch taken from an old editorial where the watch was originally shoot on a snooker ball.

So I am Adding a new skill set. I have become increasingly interested in creating my own CGI and 3D rendering. I have become more and more excited about the idea of using mixed media (CGI) and my photography.

Creating surreal and gravity defying sets to incapsulate my product work genuinely excites me. I have trialed a few of the major softwares, Maya and Cinema 4D that each come with a £1500-£2500 per annum license fee. Maya particularly was fantastic. So image my surprise when at the weekend I discovered ‘Blender’.

Blender is a completely free, open source software that is as powerful and is as advanced as the best softwares on the market. The only downside is that Blender isn’t really used by the main 3D studios across the industry. So if you’re looking for a job, it’s not a used leading software.

However it is growing a massive following and to me, someone who doesn’t want to work in those studios, it is perfect. So if you’re interested in 3D modelling and think it is to pricey to get into. Download Blender, jump on YOU Tube and do some classes.

I am hoping to have a few images by the end of the year in my portfolio, you can see them here or on my agents website. It is a hard skill set to learn, Blender is a huge piece of software, it makes photoshop look like a tiny weeny puppy dog. Anyhow, watch this space!